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Andrei Blasko, PhD, FRSC

President and Chief Executive Officer


Recognized Pharmaceutical Industry leader, expert at both discovering and developing new drugs (small molecules and biologics-mAbs/Fabs, proteins) with 20+ years of experience in pharmaceutical industry.
After completing two postdoctoral positions at University of California Santa Barbara, Dr. Blasko worked at Roche, Sugen/Pharmacia/Pfizer, Celera, Pain Therapeutics (Cassava Sciences Inc.), and Novartis. He had several roles, including Senior Fellow Product Development, Chair of the Specification Committee, and was member of the Senior Executive Leadership Team for Analytical Operations.
Dr. Blasko is Editor-in-Chief at Journal of Applied Pharmacy, member of the Editorial Board at American Journal of Advanced Drug Delivery, and he is a FAST advisor at California Life Sciences Institute. He shared his expertise as keynote speaker/session chair at conferences in U.S., Israel, China, UK, South Korea, and UAE.
After 8 years at Novartis, Andrei worked as an independent CMC consultant and in 2021 founded Clearview Pharma Solutions, LLC. Andrei has 93 publications and 7 granted patents.

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